Saturday, November 25, 2006

In production

Caleb's Way

I am currently in production on a piece called "Caleb's Way". It's about a five year old boy who is called away from the safety of his home to brave the perils of a cursed and haunted path.

Here's a screenshot.

I'm working in a "video storybook" mode, as a combination interest in animation and the fact that I don't yet h ave a video camera.

The idea for "Caleb's Way" came to me the other day. I was off work early, and I took my dog for a walk along the paths out behind Cootes Paradise (even though the paths were "officially closed").

What I thought to be wilderness paths turned out to be rather well manicured and cared for paths through a rich area of town I had never visited before. The paths even had signs. Nice ones, made of metal and everything. No shit.

One of the paths was called "Caleb's Way Trail". The name just took off with me, and the story was written by the time I got back to my car. I had my camera with me (thank God) so the pictures you will see in the story are mostly all taken by me (most of the "special" elements were done in Photoshop, naturally).

It is a hell of a lot of work, as I am discovering, to edit a film. I estimate I have have put about twenty hours into it so far, and I have just hit the four minute mark in the film. That's what happens when you're hand-crafting each frame.

I am really enjoying this project, painting the images the way my mind saw them. It's an extremely cathartic and pleasing experience, to say the least.

If interested, you can click the title of this entry to go to my film production website.

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