Sunday, March 20, 2005

So Run Down

I can't figure out why I'm so enervated. I'm used to the fact that I get tired and weakened when I'm sick, but this is getting ridiculous. Its been going on three weeks now. I've got two more days of medication left, and while the cough is mostly gone (but not completely), the weakness remains. Today I seem to have had a relapse; I haven't felt this crappy since the first week.

On a side note, I'd like to take a moment to address a radio commercial I've been hearing lately. Its done by the government, to advertise a youth job program for people aged 15-29. It starts out with the voice of a young woman, who says "If you're over 29, you can't do any of the following: dye your hair magenta, enter a mosh pit, show your abs (Please!), text message anyone..." and it goes on, blah blah blah and smehg.

Its bad enough that this kind of age-ist bullshit exhists, but when our own fucking government does it, its disgusting. In the first place, there are plenty of people over the age of 30 with great abs. Ok, I'm not one, but there are others. TEXT MESSAGING??? When did that become the sole province of the young and hip? As for mosh pits, well I was getting fucked up in mosh pits while the girl in the commercial was still a puddle of unidentified goo in her parent's reproductive tracts.

It ain't easy getting old. You realize you sacrifice a certain level of cool, and there are things you have to give up, and certain styles you just can't wear (well, I hope we all realize that). But I see no reason for my government to spend my tax dollars to rub my freaking nose in it.

Of course, there are certain benefits to achieving a certain age. For one, there are no pictures of me, anywhere, wearing parachute pants.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

To Begin

I've never really thought of myself as the kind of person to keep a blog. Dunno why really, it just didn't seem interesting. Then I read a friend's blog (Daxohol), and I admit, i got the bug. So, I will try it out, and see where things go.

Having no real experience as a blogger (I don't even know if we're actually called bloggers), I'm not sure exactly what to write. However, I will say this: I hate being sick. I've been sick for like 3 weeks, and it sucks. Of course, if I were a smarter man, I'd have gone to the doctor's after a few days, rather than waiting two weeks. I just like to wait until I know I'm really sick.

The worst part is the tiredness. I need time to sit back and relax, let my body work at healing itself. I know this. In theory. In reality, I get bored. My mind demands entertainment. I don't watch TV, and I get the vast majority of my entertainment out of my friends. They happen to be very entertaining, funny, witty, etc. So, rather than staying at home and convelescing, I go out and have fun, and end up staying up too late, getting too little sleep, and not getting any better.

Translation: I am an ass.