Friday, January 26, 2007

True Love

It's not often I come across what I believe to be a real life instance of True Love, but this is one of those times. William Haines was once one of MGM's biggest stars, with a huge career ahead of him. He turned it all down when he refused - at the studio's insistence - to leave his true love and enter a sham marriage.

He is an amazing man, and you can read more about him here.


Bernie said...

Wow! I'm impressed, especially given the year.

Daxohol said...

Yes, I've read about William.

The sad thing is, little has changed since then.

There needs to be more actors like him in order for Hollywood to wise up to human rights.

Asher Hunter said...

I thought Hollywood nowadays was fairly liberal. I haven't heard of them cancelling any contracts due to homosexuality as of late.

Kim Ayres said...

Well homosexuality in Hollywood is fine, so long as it's only acted out by straight guys, like in Brokeback Mountain.

Good to see you posting again, Asher

Asher Hunter said...

Really, I wasn't aware that the actors were straight. Doesn't that seem a little ... oh, I don't know, stupid?

BStrong said...

Yeah Ash, I don’t think there is a problem in Hollywood anymore. I would think that a gay actor playing a straight man or visa versa would be an added bonus for publicity.

Didn’t T.R. Knight of Grey’s Anatomy just announce his sexual preference? Of course I think that was after Isaiah Washington called him a fagot and things got blown way out of proportion. I believe T.R. Knight’s career is perfectly fine; however Isaiah is in therapy for his actions and trying to hold on to his job. Now I think it is wrong for name calling as was the case on the set of Grey’s (I only know this stuff because my wife is a big fan of the show) but to go seek therapy because of all the pressure of Hollywood is absolutely ridiculous.

So when I call someone a fucking bastard or bitch, I should probably go into therapy, right?

Asher Hunter said...

It's what they do. Say or do something unacceptable to the establishment, then visibly backpedal. Stars can get away with pretty much anything that way.

Heck, if you want real power, become a politician. To hell with drug problems and homophobia, politicians get to shoot people in the FACE without being charged.