Thursday, April 12, 2007

Secret Prize-Winning Technique!

Do you like to roll up your Horton's cup? Did you know you can tell a winning cup from a losing cup without rolling the rim? Try it out. Take a look at the side of the cup, and you'll see the words "30 Toyota Camry Hybrid/Hybide" on the side.

Look at the word "Hybrid"; it should be outlined in white. If the outlining goes all the way past the top of the black lettering in "hybrid", then the cup is a winner. If the white outlining does not reach the top, then the cup did not win.


Bernie said...

Are you trying to see if this makes it back to you in an email?

Asher Hunter said...

No, but I undestand why you would think that! :) No, its for real. We've tested the theory at work and its been right about 19 out of 20 times. Ask Craig R, he saw the theory in action on Saturday.