Monday, May 07, 2007

Tim Hortons = Dirty Fibbers?

So yesterday, I'm at the Tim Hortons on Appleby and Harverster, in Burlington. I order my lunch, and I ask for a class of ice water. And I am given a glass of ice water. Later that day, I return for a coffee. The guy in front of me asks for some ice, to cool down his wife's coffee. The guy behind the counter tells the customer: "We don't have ice".

Ok, maybe he wasn't lying. Maybe he didn't know his restaurant had ice. Oh, did I mention he's a manager? Let's call him "Tim" (although his real name is Jake).

So I'm back today, and I get Jake (sorry, "Tim") as my server. I order my breakfast bagel, coffee and a tea biscuit. I ask for a cup of ice water. Ja .... Tim tells me "Sorry, we don't have any ice". I respond with "Funny, you had ice yesterday".

After getting bitchy, finally Tim turns to another manager and - right in front of me - says "I thought we weren't supposed to tell anyone we had ice".


So, not only do the employees of Tim Hortons at this location knowingly and willingly lie to their customers, they are ordered to do so. Could they be any more petty? Last I checked, it costs very little money to make ice. I do it all the time, and I'm pretty sure the cost is well nigh infinitesimal.

So why do you think they lie?

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