Wednesday, December 21, 2005

God Vs. Darwin: Round II

Ok, like many people, I have been following the current debate in the US in regards to schools, and their curriculum. In particular, this is the debate between the teaching of the Theory of Evolution and the teaching of the Theory of Intelligent Design. Apparently there is a lot of debate, funded and spearheaded by Christan groups, as to whether or not the Theory of Intelligent Design should be included in school curriculums.

The fact that we are revisiting the Scopes Monkey trials proves just how far the United States has fallen backwards. We've had this debate before, and it was settled. Of course, some people can't jus take no for an answer, and like some kind of annoying persistent cat, keep batting at the issues and hiding behind psuedo-fact. The fact of the matter is, no matter what you call it, the "Theory of Intelligent Design" is nothing more than a blatant attempt to wrap religion in a scientific blanket.

I am a Christian. I personally believe in guided evolution. However, its not a matter of which theory you believe in, or whether or not you believe in God. Its a matter of identifying the core purposes of varying educational institutes. A school is designed to teach factual information; scientific study, empirical evidence. Where such proof is lacking, then teaching the currently accepted theories from the scientific community is also done.

A church (or a Sunday School) is designed to teach the tenents of a religion. To prepare the individual for a believed-in afterlife, and make them aware of the standards of behaviour that are expected of a follower of that church.

The Theory of Evolution, being a generally accepted scientific explanation for the state of living life today, is a suitable subject for schools. Sure, there are some scientists who debate the validity of the theory, but until such a time as a more scientifically supported theory is proposed, Evolution is all science really has.

The Theory of Intelligent Design is creationism. Just because they've removed buzz words and tried to spiff it up with a nice new psuedo-scientific coating, you can't disguise the fact that, at the core, the so called "theory" is based upon religious beliefs.

If schools can be expected to teach religious theory, then it is only fair that Sunday Schools and churches start teaching Evolution. Quid pro quo. Tit for tat. Now, I don't think any organized religion would ever even consider including Evolution pamphlets with their bibles, and I don't think that Chick Publications is planning any "So You're a Monkey's Uncle" fliers, so that's probably not going to happen.

So, to all those who are trying to force religion into schools: imagine how you would react if you found out scientists were trying to force your priests and pastors to teach Evolution? Or the true age of the Universe? Religion is important, which is why it is up to the churches to teach religion. Schools are not the place for religion. So piss off.

For another view on this (which is remarkably like mine, only better thought out and with less swearing), check out On Intelligent Design.


Auntie Bernie said...

Oh very well said.

Oggie said...

Hi, Asher. I updated my posting to link to yours at the end of mine.

Craig said...

Don't forget that Evolution LOST in the original Scopes Trial.


Anonymous said...

Your words are eloquent and your points well made but they say that Satan has a silver tongue...

Auntie Bernie said...

Craig: I had heard that Scopes appealed and I did some digging. He did appeal, but one of the judges didn’t take part. On this basis Scopes had not been found "guilty", and therefore didn't have to pay the $100 fine. On the other hand he hadn't been found "not guilty" either, so he could, in theory, have been tried all over again on exactly the same charge. On the Court's advice, the Attorney-General entered a "nolle prosequi", meaning that he was giving notice that the prosecution no longer wished to proceed with the case.

BStrong said...

Ash, very well put. I thankfully send my kids to private school which has it's own issues, but I'm glad I don't have to really deal with the whole "Intelligent Design" debate.


Asher Hunter said...

Craig: yeah, what she said. :)

bstrong: Its definitely a good thing. We don't have to worry about it up here in Canada either.

anonyomous: Ha, that put a smile in my face. Being compared to Satan tends to do that for some reason.

As for your argument, its facile at best. The church has always used that argument through the ages. Science says the world is round - beware Satan and his silver tongue! Science says the earth orbits the sun? Beware Satan. Science says we're descended by monkies? Beware Satan.

The fact of the matter is, throughout history whenever Science and Religion have butted heads over the nature of existence, Science has proved out to be correct.

If the RC church had its way, we'd still be living on a flat earth, with the sun and stars orbiting around us, and all dinosaur skeletons would be destroyed immediately after discovery.

BTW, this particular silver tongue is very popular with the ladies. Know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

So then, we agree that science is the church of Satan. Since you have chosen to worship at the alter of science and preach from it's pulpit that would make you...

Asher Hunter said...

Anonymous: First off, we agree on nothing. Secondly, allow me to complete your sentence "... brave enough to sign my name to my opinions, and not hide behind a veil of anonymity". So there. Pbbblllltttt.

Anonymous said...

To some people the bible is history, and last I recall that was taught in school ;)

Peace and Love

(LOL Remember you can learn all about BEE-moths in the bible)