Monday, December 12, 2005

I Miss my High Speed Internet Access!

So, as the more Holmesian among you may have been able to deduce (by the fact that I did not post anything all weekend), the bastard cable guy didn't show up at my apartment on Saturday. I sat around between the hours of 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm, wasting my day, waiting for him/her to show up, all for nothing.

I'm not exactly sure what I might have done wrong to cause the cable guy to shun me so. Perhaps I failed to fill in the right form, or pressed the wrong button during the oh-so-convenient automated telephone sign up system (convenient for them, not for me). Perhaps I was supposed to sacrifice something personal to appease the cable gods. Oh, wait a minute, now that I think of it, I did sacrifice something - my fucking Saturday.

I've also been trying to plan a New Years party, but there have been some delays (due to issues regardig location) that have now, at last, been finalized. Sadly, I took too long, and two of my friends (Bernie and the Bear) have already told me that they have made other plans. I was saddened to hear this; to me, New Years has always been one of those holidays that us Improvisors spend together. Still, I understand that people can't be expected to delay their plans indefintley. They did tell me they might drop in after their other party is over, so that would be nice.

I've sent my invites out today, and hopefully its not too late for the others to attend. Fingers crossed and all that.

On Sunday, I went out for breakfast again with Bernie and Bear. I love these guys, as we can have some great conversations, ranging from scientific topics to modern politics, history, and more. Considering that they're a damned funny couple to boot, its a very enjoyable little breakfast tradition I hope will continue.

Sunday night, I went out to see Narnia. It was awesome, I loved it. Very true to the book (from what I remember); definitely worth seeing.
I did manage to get some writing done over the weekend - I produced about 6,000 words over three days, so I'm definitely happy with that. I've reached a stage in my novel where I find myself writing disjointed scenes, which will all be later woven into the plot line (or so I hope). Still, I'm definitely producing stuff I like, so I'm happy with my progress.


Rach said...

Ash - how are the animals adjusting to thier new place?

Asher Hunter said...

Rachel, they're fine. Both of them are happy with the new place, and there was pretty much little to no stress for them. :)

BStrong said...

It sounds like the novel is coming along nicely. We usually low key it for new years anymore. I used to wake up new years morning and have to reach for the Tylenol, now I wake up and reflect on the previous year's achievements and failures.

Cable Guys, the one reason murder should be legal:)


kate.d. said...

ugh, cable. do you all have comcast up there as well, or have they not gotten their greasy little tentacles on the great white north yet?

i have never had a comcast person show up during their alloted time slot. ever ever ever.

it makes me mad just thinking about it!

Asher Hunter said...

Kate: No, no comcast up here yet, thank God. No, as bad as our cable companies can get, they usually show up during their promised time frame.