Monday, December 05, 2005

Missing in Inaction

I've been gone for a few days as I am currently without Internet access. Of course, I say that casually, as if it were of little importance, but for me being without Internet access is similar to an Amish person being without horse-access. Or being George W. Bush without access to the little green men in his head that tell him what to do.
I use the Internet a lot, as do most of us, for email, blogging, and such. I also rely on it heavily when writing. After all, who wants to suffer through the tedious process of dressing, going out in the cold, and driving to a library to do research?

Of course, I am suffering for good reason. I have moved to my new apartment, which I love, and have been having a great time. This is the first time in a long, long time that I have enjoyed the actual process of moving. The place is great, and it means a lot to me to have not only a place I love, but my privacy and peace and quiet.

I moved in on Friday, and met up with John (my landlord), who was finishing up by installing 2 smoke alarms and a carbon-monoxide sensor. I moved about 3 car loads when Ron, my upstairs neighbour and fellow improvisor, came down and offered to help out. I got him to help me with the heavy stuff, and managed to get almost everything moved that day.

Ron and I hung out afterwards, then I headed off to watch a friend of mine do stand up. Larry did an awesome show, and had the audience in laughter and tears (not crying tears, laughign tears) all night long. After the show, some friends came back to my place and we sat around and chatted and got pleasantly wasted (my friend Gary has nick-named my apartment "Ashterdam", as its one of the few places he can do this indoors).

After everyone headed out, I decided to try out my whirlpool bathub for the first time. Whirlpool bathtubs are incredible, and thats putting it lightly. I love these things! I loaded the tub up with bubble bath, assuming that the whirlpool jets would likely cause the bubbles to grow pretty high. I assumed it might be a problem, but I wanted to test the theory out, rather than be the wussy guy who was afraid to add bubble bath to his whirlpool "in case something bad happens".

Sure, the bubbles did get high, but it was pretty cool anyway, and no damage was done. Now that I am used to having a whirlpool tub, I don't know if I can live without one in the future.
Saturday was more moving (just a few boxes, a microwave, etc.) followed by a mid-day bath in the whirlpool (a great way to relax, by the way). Later in the day, some more friends dropped by (Kim and Peter), and we sat and had a nice chat. After they left, I went and had another whirpool bubble bath.

Sunday came pretty early for me - 10:30 am. This might not seem early to you, but I had been up until 4:00 am that morning, so it felt pretty damned early to me. It was Kim on the phone, asking me if I wanted to come out for breakfast. Even though I was tired, I really wanted to go out for breakfast, so I tagged along.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, and I love my new place. I may have an unhealthy addiction to whirlpool bubble baths, but apart from that, everything else seems great.


Anonymous said...

Bubble bubble,
Boil and Trouble
(or is that Toil and Trouble??
I guess you're going to need a closet full of bubble bath

Rach said...

Sounds like Heaven!!

Is there room for two ;)

Craig said...

Colour me DARK GREEN with jealousy!


Asher Hunter said...

Rachel: I don't think you could fit two people in the tub unless they were really, really friendly. :)

Craig: you'll have to come over some time and check the place out!

Don Q. said...

Actually I think it is:

"Double double
toil and trouble
fire burn and
cauldron bubble"

The Scottish Play is not handy at the moment. (Is it OK to write it?)

Asher, you have to the first man I've ever known who was worried he would use bubble bath in an "wussy" fashion. Bubble bath is a priori wussified. The only manly things to add to bath water are:
1) urine,
2) whiskey, or
3) tabassco

I prefer bath salts having long since given in to being a big wuss.

Stegoed said...

You are the new "Millpool" now.

Anonymous said...


....oooooo, I'm scared.