Wednesday, January 25, 2006

American Idol

Ok, I've ranted about this show before, and I'm going to do it again. I'm not a fan of American Idol. No sir, not one bit. Most of the show is fine, but I don't like it when they take the no-talent dweebs, put them on the air, and bitterly and angrily mock and belittle them. There's just no reason for it other than shaudenfreude. For some reason, people seem to like to watch other people get put down and abused. I don't understand that at all.

Now, as mean-spirited and nasty as this show is, apparently they are now about to develop a "mean streak". Whereas before, Simon limited his vitriol to attacks on the person's singing skills, he is now expanding his repetoire to attacks on people's appearance, sexuality, and weight. After one overweight contestant sang (very, very well, by the way), Simon joked that the show was going to need a bigger stage.

Now, come on. First off, that so-called joke is just pathetic and sophmoric. Fat jokes are the providence of first-graders and the ignorant. By dropping to this level, he has shown the show's true colours: bitter, callous, hateful and sadistic. Their single and driving goal is not to identify good singers, but to belittle and humiliate the bad singers. And now, they have expanded that mandate to include humiliating the overweight and sexually diverse (yes, the show has also drawn the ire of Gay and Lesbian organizations).

I don't want to go into too much detail here; this show upsets me enough as it is. The program is indicative of the tastelessness and selfishness so prevalant in our modern society. For those who choose to continue to watch, please be aware that in doing so, you are supporting hatred and bigotry, hiding behind a thin veil of entertainment.


Rach said...

I am with you on the AI 100%! Why the hell does it have to be on 3 times a week!
You've inspired me to go on a reality show rant....

Paula said...

I find that the beginning is the best part of the show. This to me is when people are most real. People just become such mindless goody goodies when they make it to the next round and it's not fun to watch them. I like sitting and watching these people (those who can't sing well audition) because I see a little bit of me. The human condition is inevitably prone to delusion and so when I watch them, I reflect on the nature of being delusional and reflect upon how I am delusional. It is one of the greatest sins/errors of being a human and affects everyone, to some degree. How does it take a hold of one?

Auntie Bernie said...

So I guess Paula supports your position as well! GRIN

dawn said...

I've always watched the show. I enjoy it but Simon is extremely mean to people for entertainment purposes and some of them are probably scarred for life. So I can see your point.

Don Q. said...

Reason number 458 why I don't watch TV anymore. What's next? Gladiator contests where we call in our votes to see if the loser is put to death?

It seems our culture has numbed us out so much that we search for progressively more uncomfortable situations to watch so that we are jarred into feeling something. Unlike regular feelings, we can turn these off by flicking the remote. All in the name of convincing us to buy more dreck that we don't need.

Asher Hunter said...

Rach: I'm looking forward to reading it!

Paula: If the show would just stop belittling those delusional fucks who can't sing, it would be so much better.

Bernie: An individual's support or opposition of an idea does not in any way provide a indication of the validity of the idea.

Dawn: Thank you. :)

Don: Actually, I'd rather see gladitorial combat on TV. If the contestants were aware of the risks, and chose them anyway, at least it would be honest.

Auntie Bernie said...

I didn't mean for you to take me seriously. It was my (obviously) lame attempt at the "So, what you're saying is...." thread. My apologies to anyone who may have taken offence.
I for one am an avid fan of American Idol - but agree wholeheartedly with your point and I too agree that Simon has gone way too far this year.
I do have a question, if you hate it so much, why are you tuning in for even the beginning of season 5 - did you think Simon would get better?

Asher Hunter said...

Bernie: sorry, I should have realized you were parodying someone else. :)

As for your question, I don't watch the program, apart from accidental snatches here and there. What inspired this post was a news article about the show, talking about how negative it had become.

Anonymous said...

The show is for quiffs! The most entertaining point is the commercial breaks, and I absolutely HATE commercials! If you want to watch bad singing without the emotional scarring and hurtfull comments, go to Karaoke where a lot of these people are doing it for the love, not the glory. Please! Someone start a petition to end these horrible "reality" shows!
If I could meet Simon, I would rip him a new one and I wouldn't pull any punches, especially the one going towards his big, arrogant head.