Thursday, January 26, 2006


STARTING WEIGHT: 281.6 pounds
THIS WEEK'S CHANGE: + 1.0 pound
TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 30.6 pounds
CURRENT WEIGHT: 251.0 pounds
Hmmmm. Seems I gained a pound. Not really sure how that happened. Unless it was that hamburger. Or the pork roast and mashed potatoes I had for supper last night. Or the deep-fried chicken strips that came with my Wendy's salad yesterday. When I ordered the salad, I had no idea the chicken strips were deep fried. I mean seriously, who the hell deep fries chicken to serve with a salad?

Ok, so I'm blaming outside forces when the blame lies with me. I may have ordered the chicken without knowing it was deep fried, but I still chose to eat it.

I keep telling myself that I have plateaued. I need to get back on the points, and start tracking them again. Its just something about the point tracking system that helps me maintain my discipline. So, next week we'll see if I can actually get myself to go back on the system.


Melanie said...

youre still doing great, Ash...
Good job!

Samuel said...

Indeed. Glad to see you aren't giving up.

Stick with it. While missing out on those extra sugary/greasy/etc. goodies hurts now, you'll be glad you skipped them in the end!