Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Photoblog: Cat vs. Dog

Yes, the battle between my cat and dog continues. Crystal has gotten nastier, as she learns to use her teeth and claws to great effect. Ayla, for her part, has been countering with her tongue which, while effective at wetting the cat, does little in battle. The two of them engage in a ceaseless battel for supremacy, constantly vying for ... well, for the hell of it, I guess.

I have captured on film another one of their titanic battles.

1. The battle begins here ... on the love seat. Never has an article of furniture been more ironically named. Immediately after this photo was taken, Crystal took a swat at Ayla, which caused Ayla to abandon the love seat and move the futon.

2. Ayla has now moved to the futon, only to be followed by the belligerent feline. Once again, Crystal attacks with fang and claw, and Ayla counters with a lick.

3. Despite the failure of "the lick" as an attack/defense maneuver, Ayla continues to utilize this technique as Crystal continues with her more traditional bite/claw attacks.

4. Here, finally, Ayla begins to grow irate.
5. Alya strikes back, abandoning the tongue in favour of fangs.
6. Undaunted, Crystal initiates a full-on offensive with a technique that has affectionately nicknamed "the Throat Hug".
7. Ayla, in a move that I unfortuantely failed to catch on film, flipped the cat into the air with her head, and sent her flying across the room. Crystal responded by sitting down and licking her paws as if this was what she had wanted the dog to do all along. For her part, Ayla sat there and looked guilty.


Rach said...

See the licking was a ploy a trojan horse in battle. The classic lick, fang, flick.

I want to kiss Ayla on her little black snout, she's adorable (and no butthole).

REK'd Productions said...

My money's still on the cat in the long run.

Kim Ayres said...

Hi Ash, how's the weight going? I've just updated my stats and it seems that only me and Sir Chubalot are posting at the moment.

Hope that any extra pounds put on over the season were thoroughly enjoyed!

Peter said...

AHHH..yes...the classic dog versus cat battle, much like the good versus evil battle, or beef versus pork, or black versus white, us versus them, Roe versus Wade, this versus that, spy vs. spy....

Asher Hunter said...

Rachel: Yes, Ayla is a darling. And she makes an effort to cover her anus, which I appreciate.

Kim: Weight loss is still going well, I suspect. I haven't been posting results because I don't have any right now. I stopped going to WW because the membership ran out (and there wasn't really much point in going anyway) and I don't have a scale of my own yet. Still sticking to the plan, though. As soon as I can hit a reliable scale, I'll post an update.

God Is My Codependent said...

Go, Dog, Go!

Ms. Jane D'oh said...

Excellent! Survival of the fittest. 5 is an especially funny photo.

Radio Chutney said...

Your cat looks stoopid