Thursday, March 23, 2006


Have I ever mentioned that I love my dog? I have been a life-long dog owner, and I have loved (platonically, for those sick bastards reading) each and every one. They have all been special in their own ways, and I remember each fondly, and miss them dearly.

Ayla, however ... well, she does tend to stand out. She is probably the smartest dogs I have ever owned, and learned most of her tricks in less than 15 minutes. Sit, shake, play dead, etc. were all learned very quickly. Some of that might have to do with the fact that I have learned from past dogs how to train, but mostly I think its because she is so smart.

Right from the start, I taught Ayla to come when she was called, and to stay near me when we go for walks. As a result, I don't need a leash when I take her out, because I know she will always obey my commands, and won't range too far.

She is such a gentle pup. The closest she has ever come to fighting with another dog occurred once at the leash-free park. Two dogs had started to fight, and Ayla ran straight for them. She ran in between them, using her body to keep them apart. She broke up the fight, all on her own. For her troubles, she got bitten in the face, and still has the scar. The bite was probably accidental, and was obtained as one dog was lunging for the other, and was blocked by Ayla.

Once when walking her in a park, she spotted a squirrel and ran off after it. She was so close to the squirrel that by the time I realized she was after it, she had already caught it. Being Ayla, she caught the squirrel and proceeded to lick it. The squirrel, naturally enough, responded by biting her tongue. Ayla doesn't lick squirrels anymore.

For those of my friends that visit Ayla and get tired of her licking, there is a lesson to be learned here. Next time she licks you, just bite her tongue. Oh sure, Ayla understands the command "no kissing", but as far as she is concerned, this is a time-sensitive command that lasts for a maximum of 35 seconds.

Ayla is addicted to licking, and loves nothing better than being allowed to lick someone's face. Ever since she was a puppy, she has been this way. It was really bad at first. One day I decided to just sit there and let Ayla lick my face for as long as she wanted, no matter how long it took. I gave up after 7 minutes and 35 seconds. I just couldn't take any more.

She actually taught herself the word "kiss" - I kid not. I had never used the word to her, and had never taken the time to teach her any words linked to licking. ONe day, I was sitting at my computer, and Ayla was lying on the floor. I looked at her and said "Give me a kiss". Immediatley, Ayla lept into my lap and started licking away. I was surprised, as I had thought I was going to teach her the word, but apparently she already knew it.

Ayla likes to sleep under the covers. She is the first dog I have ever had who prefers to sleep under blankets. Much to my surprise, my cat Crystal also likes to sleep under blankets. She is definitely the only cat I have ever met who likes this. The two of them do seem to be a lot alike in many ways, and get on famously. For example, the cat will allow Ayla to lick her to her heart's content, as long as Ayla is willing to be bitten.

Ayla is an amazing dog. I'm going away to Chicago soon, and my friends Peter and Bernie will be watching her for me. I really appreciate this, as I can go away without any worry, because I know they love Ayla, and will take care of her. Of course, Ayla adores them too! Also, they'll be taking her up to the cottage, which Ayla absolutely loves. Plenty of swimming, treats, cats to lick, and cuddling up under the blankets!


Rach said...

Wow how many dogs have you had?

Jasper (my big black one) is my first. Ayla sounds great maybe someday we can meet at a dog park and maybe Ayla and Jasper will fall in love and then we can reverse their respective anti-puppy surgery and we can have a litter of smart, sweet pups and the Westchester Kennel Club will beg us to enter them in the big dog show and we'll go on Oprah.....

or maybe Jasper will just dry hump her.

Daxohol said...

I loved reading this man...
As a huge Ayla fan (and a fan of you! ;-P) This was so wonderful to read!


Anonymous said...


How long will you be staying in Chicago???
Once again, love your blog.
Ayla sounds like a dream pup, and she's a cutie too.

Asher Hunter said...

Rach: Lets see, there's Tish and Prince when I was little (they got loose and ran away). Then Sandy and Dusty. My idiot stepfather made us give them away. Storm was next, then Ayla. So 6 dogs in total.

Daxohol: Thank you!

Anonymous: I'll be in Chicago for 3 days. Love to stay longer, but can't afford to.

Auntie Bernie said...

Counting the days till Ayla.
Counting the days till Ayla.
Counting the days till Ayla.