Friday, March 10, 2006

Fun With Search Engines Reducks

Once again, its time to play one of my favourite games. This is the game where I check out all the neat-o keen search phrases people use to find my website. Wheee!

Search Phrase: helen shapiro
Notes: Ha! Whoever was searching for information about Helen, he's sure to be in for a surprise when he reads in my blog that she created the universe.

Search Phrase: what does burke and hare
Notes: What does Burke and Hare what?

Notes: One can't help but wonder if this person was doing some general research, or was planning for his future?

Search Phrase: is red bull bad for your health
Notes: Sure, I have had some pretty nasty things to say about Red Bull; mostly to do with the fact that it is a "fad" drink, and about as enjoyable as being punched in the mouth by a cotton glove dipped in nutrasweet. However, its not bad for you, as long as you drink it in moderation, and avoid mixing with alcohol. Above all, if you possess working taste buds, avoid taking Red Bull internally.

Search Phrase: Can you marry your cousin in Georgia?
Notes: Hah! Looks like the guy from California found out he'd have to travel in order to get married.

Search Phrase: Tim Hortons is Evil
Notes: Sad, but true. It didn't usedta be evil, I swear. It was good, and honourable, and just. Now, its just a corporate bitch.

Search Phrase: car matience
Notes: I love this search, especially considering they spelled "maintenance" wrong. This is even worse when you realize it was a google search, and the first thing Google shows you when you make this search is the correct spelling.

Search Phrase: cousins fucking
Notes: Oh, for the love of God, can someone truly be so depraved as to get an extra thrill from hardcore porn if they think the participants are related? On the other hand, maybe its just the would-be cousin-wedder looking for pointers.

Search Phrase: asher
Notes: What?


Kim Ayres said...

Well someone came to my site on the search term "oversized plums". I don't know whether it was a euphanism or not...

Don Q. said...

How can you find out what searches people used to find your site?

Asher Hunter said...

Kim: I certainly hope not!

Don: You have to sign up for a counter service. You see on my page, the counter down below the pictures? When I sign in to the site, it has a lot of tracking information available: total page hits, referral reports, and search engine reports. It tells me what phrases people use that lead them to the site.