Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ok, I'm not making any value judgements here. I'm just presenting the following coincidences for your consideration.

I had been browsing websites for research for my novel. I was looking for instances of the word "God" on a web page. Hence, Screen Shot #1.
You will notice that the search box, down bottom right, naturally contains the word "God". I had been doing this searching hours ago, and later I came back to the computer to check my blog stats.

See that "Geovisitors" icon? Its a cool toy that lets you see a map of the world, with the physical locations of your site visitors shown on it. As per the next Screen Shot.As you can see, I randomly selected one of the visitors. I swear it was random. When you click one, it gives you the option "View in Google Earth". I decided to do so. Hence, the third and final Screen Shot.I saw this cross, and it made me feel pretty good.


Daxohol said...

That is sooooo neat!

Asher Hunter said...

Yeah, I was pretty surprised!

Anonymous said...

that is sooooo beautiful! and amazing!!