Friday, March 03, 2006


The more I learn of the world, the more I despair.

This planet is a pretty place, and as a species, we've been shitting on it for thousands of years. Worse still, we complain about other people's shit while expecting other people to clean up our shit. In the end, shit does flow downhill, and the meek shall inherit the cesspool.

Political ideals are corrupted by greed and turned into politics. Politicians, far from serving the needs of the people, exist solely to line their own pockets, funneling as much wealth as possible into offshore accounts. Any politician with the desire to truly serve the masses is either corrupted by the system or consumed by it. Politicians make themselves rich, and they make each other rich. Occasionally they throw one of their own to the lions of the court and the jackals of the media, in order to satisfy the occasional rumblings of outrage from the video-stupified masses.

In this world, you either take an active role in this process, or you are victimized by it. To hell with "dog eat dog", our society is actually based upon the concept of "fuck or be raped".

Yeah, I know, not a very funny post. But sometimes, I am forced to remember that the world really isn't a very funny place.


ArleneWKW said...

The world is a pretty scarey place if you let yourself think about it. And, as a middle class American, I live a life that is sheltered from so much of the terror that people in some countries daily experience, that some people in my own country experience as well. That said, I hope the travels of your mind take you soon to a happier place.

Bret said...

I'm not sure why I felt compelled to leave a comment at this particular time.

No that's bullshit, it's because lately I've felt like I've been fucked over and over by a world that seems to get uglier all the time. Sometimes it really seems like I am living in that old Platinum Blonde video "It Doesn't Really Matter". I am sitting in my not so protected box watching on TV the events unfold of a world that is gradually becoming hell. Sometimes the events I see unfold make me feel so far removed from the human race that it just leaves me numb.

Would it help to start fucking people over. I don't know if I could, I'm too numb to do anything.

At least I can be in my box. Not everyone has one.

Auntie Bernie said...

What the hell happened that made you remember something so terrible that it inspired this post? Bleak. HUG

Anonymous said...

You know who's taking a long time between posts lately and who's name rhymes with Gash?

"Life sucks! Buy a helmet!"
-Dennis Leary

Asher Hunter said...

Well, thankfully the bought of depression that led to that post is long over. The feeling came on me as I was reading a book called "The Demonic Comedy", regarding the war in Iraq, its history, US foreign, Isreal, etc.

What we've been up to over there is horrible, and it got to me. Next book I read better be funny.