Thursday, March 16, 2006

Coffee's Ready!

Ah, ya gotta love breakthroughs.
I haven't been doing much active work on my novel over the last month or so. I had been writing a fair bit, but I got to a point where the stuff I was producing was ... well, crap. I tend to write in spurts - I spend weeks or months just thinking, sorting ideas and thoughts, allowing my creative juices to percolate. I never know when I will be ready to write, but when I am ready, I know it. Of course, this sometimes comes at inconvenient times (like in the middle of the night, or out at a restaurant), but when the time comes, I have to obey the urges.
By the same token, if I try to write when I am not ready, I produce crap. I had written a good 2,000 words of crap when I finally stopped trying to force myself to create, and took a break. Yesterday, I was sitting at work when suddenly ideas began to flood into my brain. I love these moments, because its almost like I'm just a passive observer, writing down ideas that come seemingly from no where.
Of course, thats not the case, they come from my own warped mind. Its a difficult process to describe, but it can't be forced. No amount of concentration on my part will make the words come out before their time. Instead, they need time to percolate, running through my subconscious. Eventually, I know, the ideas will suddenly coalesce, and I will be able to write again.
I could never write something on contract, under a deadline. I know if I did that it would be like a death sentence for me. As soon as I felt constrained, that I had to write, I know I would freeze up as the creative part of my mind rebelled against the idea of a timetable and schedules.
So, its back to work writing, as I gleefully cut the crap out of my novel, and get on with writing something I like.


Anonymous said...

I know the 'spur of the moment' feeling, that's why i made a vow to always have a notepad on me, although most of the time i end up writing/drawing on napkins.

Asher Hunter said...

Anonymous, I know that feeling! I have hastily scribbled down notes on napkins, matchbooks, my hand, ripped edges of newspapers, and more. I just can't get into the habit of carrying a notebook/pen.

I think I need a voice recorder. :)

Kim Ayres said...

I find one of the biggest problems is that when I get the urge to write I nearly always end up turning it into a blog rather than working on the book. I have to find a way around this. Blogging is just too bloody addictive and distracting.

Craig said...

Pilots don't refer to the first thousand feet of their journey as 'crap'. They call it The Runway. So should you.


Asher Hunter said...

Kim, I can understand that desire for sure. Blogging offers immediate gratification and feedback, whereas writing takes months, even years, before you have s finished project. Good luck on finding away to resist blogging's siren call! :)

Craig, excellent point, thank you once again for putting things into perspective for me!

Anonymous said...

Guess who rarely updates their blog anymore, and smells like a combination of ball sweat, cat shit, couscous & Flintstone vitamins?

Give up?

It's you FUCKFACE!!
Stop depriving your loyal readers of new blogness! Don't make us go back to reading "Family Circus" daily!

Coffees ready, and been sitting in the pot for the past 5 days...mmmm!

-Aunt E. Quiff

Auntie Bernie said...

Auntie and Aunt E. are way too close for my liking. Please refrain from using it lest you make others think that that horrible name calling came from me.

But I agree, it has been far too long.....

Asher Hunter said...

Anonymous and Aunti B: Sorry that I don't update as often as you like, but honestly, I need some kind of inspiration. I can't just make an entry, I need to find an inspiring topic. Rest assured, I think about blogging daily, and if something comes up, I will definitely post it!