Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crystal, The Nasty, Hateful Young Kitten

“Come!” Said the Momma Cat, “Come one, come all!”
“Bed time is coming, hear Momma call!”
And the kittens all scampered right back to their mother
Where they tumbled and fell atop one another.

All the kittens were there, together and safe
But one sat alone with a glare on her face.
Chuck full of anger, with hate she was smitten,
Crystal the Nasty, Hateful Young Kitten.

“Come Crystal!” Cried Mother, “Come lie with me!”
But Crystal just snarled, “Oh Mom, let me be!”
“I don’t need you to help me to bed!”
And she stamped her foot, crushed a mouse dead.

While her siblings did frolic and play with each other,
Crystal grabbed a pillow, and tried hard to smother
Each little sister and each little brother
Only to be foiled each time by mother!

So she sat alone, and glared out the window,
Watched as the sunlight faded and dwindled,
And schemed and she plotted, conspired and planned
To kill off her siblings, and do it by hand.

Snowflake and Tiger fell down the stairs,
They each broke their necks, but did Crystal care?
Somebody poisoned Buttons and Mittens,
No one suspected an innocent Kitten.

Trouble and Stranger were run over alive,
The day after Crystal learned how to drive.
They found a note, so it was a fact,
That Cuddles and Boo died in a suicide pact.

And the last one was left, cute little Twister,
Who was inexplicably killed by a drifter.
And Crystal the Nasty, Hateful Young Kitten
Made yarn from their fur, and she took up knittin’.

Yes, admittedly, I did write this.

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