Ok, so Labour Day is over. For most people, the weekend is bittersweet – sure, it’s a long weekend, but it also marks the practical end of summer, the return to school, and the beginning of the fall season. And fall means winter is coming.

For me, and for about 40 others just like me, the Labour Day weekend is the height of the summer, the pinnacle, and the acme. We look forward to he weekend because we are improvisers, and we get together on this weekend to camp and party. One of our group, an amazingly generous and loving man named Bear, has a cottage up at long point.

This cottage has a very big back yard. So, we all pack up our tents and head up to Long Point. We all bring food, and kick in some cash, and share the cooking and cleaning duties. We laugh (a lot), we sing, we party, we do improv (on a state in town on Saturday), we explore haunted houses (we actually did that), we swim, and we imbibe alcohol and other recreational substances.

Come Monday, we pack up, we hug, we say tearful goodbyes, and we head off to our homes. That’s a bit of a sad moment, and usually we suffer withdrawal symptoms … but we know that we’ll see each other again in just a few days, so it’s not too bad.

In my entire life, I have never met a better group of people. They are fun, honest, intelligent, damned funny, and respectful of others. 7 years in a row, 30-40 people get together in a relatively small area and get drunk, and there has never been a single fight. No one has even come close to having a fight. We’re not that kind of people.

God, I love improv.