Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm in the Mood to Ramble

You've been warned. Today was a nice day. Monday is always hectic at work, thanks to the fact that most of my customers are rich. First, a side note. Where I work, we are encouraged to refer to our clients as "members", and discouraged from using words such as "customer". For some reason, the latter is seen as being somehow disparaging - as if they only way we would be talking to these people is if they were paying for us to. Which they are. But we don't want them to know that.

So we call them members. Which leads to such humorous situations as when someone accidentally hangs up on the customer, and loudly proclaims "I cut off my member".

So, my members are rich. Big time filthy stinking rich. Not psuedo-rich like those assholes from a certain car company I cannot mention or I could get sued. Seriously, I could get soooo sued if those assholes knew I talked about them. Anyway, these are people that own a certain kind of car that is seen to be the car of choice of semi-rich businessmen. About 30% of these guys were pure assholes, for honest and truly. Grade-A rectal meat.

No, the members I have now are real, honest to God rich. Old rich. And these people don't do shit on the weekends other than play golf, go sailing and pay off poor white girls to go somewhere far away to have the baby and keep quiet. Ok, so thats a bit mean. They don't all sail. Anyway, I digress. They don't do jack on the weekends. Which means weekends are nice and serene, very quiet.

The bastards make up for it on Mondays though. Every damn rich bastard calls in, and the phones ring constantly. Now I'm one of those people who tends to get engrossed into a task. I'm very goal orientated, so I like banging back the requests and finishing them off at a very fast rate. Now, each of these requests has a point value, ranging from 1 for easy shit to 5 for "fuck me that was a bitch". We're expected to do 23 points a day. I get annoyed if I pull off anything less than 30.

Now on Sunday I managed 52 points, which is pretty fucking good. Monday came, and the phone volume was huge. I still managed to hit 42 points for the day though, which was nice. But while I work on those requests, being goal-oriented and all, I get pissed off when I am interrupted. Every time the phone rings, its some member interrupting me. To make things worse, they are almost all uniformly very nice, which makes me feel guilty for being mad at them.

The upshot is, by the end of the day Monday, I'm probably in my worst mood of the week. This
really sucks ass, because Monday is my Friday - which is to say, because I am off on Tuesday and Wednesday, Monday is like my Friday night. I want to go out and have fun, but I'm in a fucked up annoyed mood.

So after work, we went and had our first Improv Class teaching under the Theatre Nefarious banner. It was a relatively small class - 4 students - but it gave us a chance to do some excellent work on characters. One of my co-workers, Tasha, came with me (we met at an improv class that I wanted to teach at work, but only 2 people came to), and she seems to have a real interested in improv. Now, when I agreed to teach that class at work, I was telling people that "As long as I get one good student interested in coming to classes, then the work was worthwhile". I love improv, and really feel good about introducing a new person to that world.

After class, Gary and I drove Tasha and and Tina home. Then Gary insisted on stopping so he could felate a stray dog. I stayed in the car. Later I went home.


Bernie said...

The dog wasn't a stray......and I want his f*cking collar back!

Rachel said...

Sometimes you just want to grab your member and give him a good shake! Especially on a Monday!