Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Backsliding Update

Craig and I have made some real progress with the script we are working on. Things are coming along very nicely, the ideas are still flowing, and the process is still damned fun. Ok, I admit that I was tempted. I wanted to follow the siren-song that was “the new idea”. A few weeks ago, Backsliding was getting a little tiresome, and we have so many new and great ideas it just seemed like it would be a lot of fun to brainstorm with them. Just put the script aside for a few weeks, y’know?

Thank God Craig is a solid partner. He pointed out that the natural temptation is to go for something new, and put aside the stuff we’d be working on. The only way to actually get this done, he said, is to just keep doing it. And I am very glad he said that. Because we got past that lull, and the process is once again extremely exciting.

Much of this is thanks to Craig. I owe him so much on this, I don’t know if I could repay him. I have had so many ideas in my life, but have lacked the ability/know how/drive to turn those ideas into a concrete work. With his help, that has finally happened. Lets just say I appreciate the guy and move on, before I get all gushy.

After a few more weeks of revisions on the script, we will be ready to get some actors together and do a read-thru. I really can’t wait to hear people reading our words! I’ll be even more excited when we do some blocking, actually play the scenes out, and can start to visualize the work.

As a horror movie fan, I have to say this is a good script. It has intelligent ideas, new concepts, and deals with deep moral issues. There are definitely numerous levels of thought in this script, and its my hope it would appeal to the horror fans as well as those who are looking for some meat to the story. This is much more The Ring than it is Friday the 13th.

Craig and I also talked a bit more about Coming and Going, another project that we are working on with Laura, Kim, Peter and Wayne. There is a very strong base to our idea, and we have had two very productive brainstorming sessions. The ideas are there and the characters, now we just need to sketch out our first season. Something tells me we won’t have any trouble coming up with great ideas.    

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work
It sounds like a rewarding process.
Im glad you have the personal cheering section to keep you going and focussed.
So, when can I buy a ticket to see the movie??