Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Her Love Cuts Deep

Has she gone? I know not where, know not whether I can care
for where she goes or if she’ll lair in darkness or in light.
For when she’s near, she’s never here - always far away.
For her heart it had to wander, and her love she had to squander.
On another she’d grown fonder, beside him she did lay.

She is here - stands near the door, watch her eyes as they explore
the walls and windows, doors and floor - exits from our life.
Seeks for ways, escape the day, run there to her man.
All she wants is to be free of me for eternity
Away from here she wants to flee, escape it is her plan.

Does she know - is she aware that I really couldn’t care?
It’s her presence I cannot bear, her face I hate to see.
And once again I still my pain, keep it deep inside.
‘Cause if I did set it free, it would be the end of me
My cry for love my final plea, fading as I died.

Look at her - she smiles back, eyes so dead, so deeply black.
But all feeling they do lack, eyes that never smile.
I pull away, I rue the day, rue the day we met.
For on that day did I espy her face, my heart began to die.
Her love a thinly veiled lie, ensnared me in her net.

If I knew - had been forewarned, her love surely I would scorn,
Instead it cut me like a thorn, made my heart to bleed.
And deep inside the pain it cries, and batters at my soul,
The pain is strong, it must break free, tear itself right out of me.
From my body it would flee, my heart a dying coal.

I reach out - to touch her face? Or on her neck a tight embrace?
As if her end could then replace all that I had lost.
Could I then find my peace of mind, return then to the light?
Would her end return to me my love, my peace, serenity?
Or push me to insanity? My hands they grip so tight.

Turns from me - walks to the door, outside it has began to pour
how fitting now to tell her more, tell her now to flee.
“Run from here, and disappear, run now from my life!
Go now to your man so charming, but do you know it’s he you’re harming?
Do you find this fact alarming? Go and be his wife.”

Open door - she stops to stare, seems that she might just beware
of the message I would share, leave with her this night.
“Your love is dark, and tears the heart, leaves it there to die.
But you should know that by your leaving, even now my heart is heaving,
Ending now the years of grieving, returning with a sigh.

“Your new love - he soon will fear that his mind will disappear,
and his heart your love will sear, destroy it like a blight.
My heart is free, returned to me, free to love again.
You see, my pain is ending soon, but his is growing, is his doom,
Woven on your evil loom, you create his pain.”

By the door - she stops to stare, rainfall matting down her hair,
Asks me, did I ever care? Care for her love too?
And from my heart, a single spark, tries again to light.
Tries to turn into a fire, tries to prove that I’m a liar,
But dies there as a funeral pyre, loosing all it’s might.

Nod my head - I say my love was stronger than the sun above,
But you killed it like a dove, wounded by a knife.
She turns from me, I set her free, she walks into the night.
As she walks I feel the rain, wash away my fear, my pain
Makes me feel whole and sane, returns to me my life.

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