Friday, October 21, 2005

Knights of the Round Bottoms

So, like many a brave adventurer before me, I have joined the ranks of the Knights of the Round Bottoms. The Knights are a motley collection of brave souls engaged in an epic battle against flab (kinda a Knights Quest for the Holy Scale deal). You can find links to their websites off to the right, and visit them to help celebrate their victorys.

My experiences so far have been pretty good. I've rarely been plagued by hunger, and I usually enjoy what I eat. Except for salad. I have a word for salad, and that word is "fuck". As in "fuck salad", "fuck I hate salad", and "if I ever have to eat another salad again, I'm going to asphyxiate an Inuit".

For those of you who like salad, I mean no offense. I am sure that, in your world, salad makes for a wonderful meal, filled with delicious taste sensations. I am also sure that this world could accurately be described as a "warren".

Now, it has been mentioned that I need a knightly sounding name. I am open to suggestions, and feel free to comment and add some suggested names. When I have enough, I will take a poll and let you guys choose my new knightly name. Suggestions should be:

1. Clever, and somehow in keeping with the theme of weight loss (see the names in the Links section for ideas).
2. Reasonably Clean. I will not go around being known as Sir Poos-a-lot or anything like that.

So far, I am considering:

Sir Wantawing
Sir Messomass
Sir Salad Slayer
Sir Largebelt
Sir Arthur "Two Chins" Jackson


Daxohol said...

I like Sir Wantawing - It actually sounds like an ojibwae name!

Anonymous said...

The Shrinking Squire
Guinevere come here
Sir UN-Pad Thai
I kinda like that last one,, yeah..

Kim Ayres said...

Sir Largebelt appeals to me, but then Sir Wantawing does seem very tied in with your particular dragon that needs slaying.

-Sir Man Boobs-

Lord Lessismore said...

The best monikers do seem to be self-generated, but if suggestions are in the offing, I'll throw in:

Sir PudThyme
Sir Lettuce Reductus
Sir Bedoflettuce

We're still awaiting our first Friar who I would hope would consider:
Friar Nipntuck

or if you wanted a subtitle (and knowing little about you except for your place of residence), you might want to consider:

The Great White Girth

Kim Ayres said...

Deep Fat Friar?

Asher Hunter said...

Great suggestions guys! Definitely some cool ideas for the poll. :)

kats said...

Sir Jellybelly


Anonymous said...

How about Sir Lee Padthaiserver