Saturday, October 08, 2005

Lucky Me

I really consider myself to be a lucky bastard. I have so many amazing friends, and we have a great time. I also have fun almost every night of the week. On Mondays, I can look forward to the Theatre Nefarious improv classes. We have a great deal of fun, we learn and play, and afterwards we head out out for food and great conversation.

Monday nights are something to look forward to, because it's my "Friday" (I'm off on Tuesday/Wednesday). I don't do any one set thing, but I always make sure I'm out having fun. Same goes for Tuesday/Wednesday nights.

Thursday nights are another improv class, which again is a chance to get together with friends and head out for great company aftewards.

But the highlight of my week is definitely Friday nights. Friday is karaoke night with my friends. It combines singing (which I love) with intelligent and damned witty conversation (which I live for). Topics of conversation range from hydrology and quantum mechanics to the funniest way to mispronounce dirty words.

Last night was especially enjoyable. First off, we met a new friend, who was brought in by one of the regulars. At first I'm always a bit leery around new people, because my sense of humour tends to ... well, offend. But she fit in very well, and turned out to be as sick and twisted as the rest of us.

I also had a chance to have a good conversation with a friend of mine. He comes out to improv quite often, but he's a bit shy and taciturn. I was glad we had the chance to break past that barrier and talk.

We also had some great creative jam sessions. We jammed some great character work on a bizarre white-trash character I have been working on. We also came up with a great idea for a sitcom, and we're going to jam on it some more, work out some details, and see where things go from there.


Paula said...

The new friend was my friend from high school. She obviously can handle weird and twisted people since she is my friend!

Devlin said...

I enjoyed the conversation too. It cheered me up after the hard day I had. I know I seem quiet and withdrawn, I hope people don't see that as snobby or anti-social. I don't do well in big crowds, I'm much better with one on one or a few friends around. I had a great time last night and I cherish my improv family. Its not often when we get a chance to talk so personal, but I always love the time I get to know more about my friends!