Sunday, October 30, 2005

Three Men

Three Men stood on the corner, unsure as to their direction.
I call them Men, although there were but Boys, finding themselves suddenly in possession of Men’s bodies. They were tall and strong, and their voices had changed. They were much more than those a year younger than them, for they were still just Boys. Despite the October cold, they seemed comfortable in nothing but jeans and a simple t-shirt. That is how two of the Boys were dressed. The third, seeing as it was almost Hallowe’en, was dressed in a bear suit. Just the body. The hands and head had been discarded earlier in the evening, when it had become too warm at the party. He didn’t want his hands to sweat, or his hair to get too messy.
Three Men Stood on the Corner, Unsure as to their Direction.
To their right lay the all-night Indian food restaurant. The one who’s name I can never remember. I went there, once, years ago with a woman I once loved, who – like the food – had turned out not to be good for me. I don’t remember much about the food. It was average, mediocre, if slightly over-priced. The restaurant itself was rather inelegantly decorated, and reminded me of what it might be like to be invited to a Wedding Reception for an East Indian couple, who had been married in her parent’s rec room. Except there was no pool table.
To their left lay the late-night Adult video store. The place where some Men went to purchase videos and magazines that each Boy pretended to already be jaded by, but were in fact secretly fascinated with. Such plunder represented both an ascent into Manhood and a fall into perversion. Deep inside each Boy/Man, no matter how pure or chaste, is the secret feeling that even if it did grow hair on your palms, they'd still fucking do it. They’d just have to put up with the jokes. That, or buy more razors.
To turn to the left meant one might be labeled a pervert … or worse, a Pervert. To turn the right meant one might be labeled a Pussy. Was it better to be considered a Pervert or a Pussy? It was the kind of decision that might set the course for the next five years of your life. Of course, as somebody – I think it was my high school biology teacher – once said, there is a certain inevitable futility in indecision.
Three Men Stood On The Corner, Unsure As to Their Direction.
The One in the Bear Suit stood forward, taking bold steps towards the Adult Video Store. It was better to be hung as a lion than hung as a lamb. Thank you, High School Biology.
“You pussies coming?” he looked back with commingled pity and contempt.
The Two in T-Shirts looked at one another hesitantly, then stepped towards the Adult Video Store in unison. As a trio they marched, The One in the Bear Suit at the head. The store beckoned, offering an inviting warm neon flash, like an illicit kiss from the ruby red lips of your best friend’s mom, a stolen moment in the kitchen: “I’m a little drunk, honey. Don’t tell Daniel I did that”. The Adult Video Store offered frosted glass windows, that made one feel simultaneously like this was a bright and friendly place, while at the same time offering the gentle aegis of anonymity.
The soft electronic bell rang happily, announcing the arrival of three guests. The One in the Bear Suit stepped inside, sliding his glance off of the young man behind the register, only marginally aware of his feelings of tender contempt for this man; for while he was a customer interested in patronizing such an establishment, he was not in the same category as someone who must pull his wages from what was, when the chips were down, a Den of Inequity.
His gaze travels to the right, over magazines and oils guaranteed to heat up to a hundred-and-sex degrees upon vigorous stimulation (do not use if pregnant or suffering from an established heart condition). His eyes come to rest on a Behemoth, an oiled and gnarled Monstrosity that was the 14-inch rubber dildo, with real raised veins. Suddenly, six inches didn’t seem like such a big deal anymore. He stepped back involuntarily, stepping on the toe of One of the Two.
“Hey, guys, let’s go,” said the One in the Bear Suit. He turned, and stepped outside, the Two in T-Shirts much closer on his trail than when they had entered.
They walked away, back towards the All-Night Indian Food Restaurant.
“That place was weird,” said One of the Two.
“I saw you looking at that big purple Cock,” the One in the Bear Suit punched the One of the Two in the arm, playfully. “I saw you lick your lips!”
“Fuck you, you fag,” said the One of the Two as he shoved the One in the Bear Suit back.
Three Boys walked around Corner, Assured of their Direction.

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Kim Ayres said...

That lure of the sexual excitment provided by porn, sex shops and the "adult entertainment industry", which simulatneously turns you on and makes you feel utterly inadequate. Beautifully observed!