Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Crystal Report

So, Crystal and Ayla are getting along well. It took Crystal all of about 6 hours to decide that Ayla wasn't going to eat her. So she's stopped hissing at the dog, and she stopped hissing at me, but she's still biting. She's bitten me three times, pretty hard. As long as I can keep her away from the knife drawer, I think I'll be safe.

Today, I actually caught the dog and cat fighting. Well, by fighting, I mean that Ayla sat there while Crystal abused her. She's such a good dog. I was watching TV, with Ayla sitting on the couch next to me and Crystal on the back of the couch. She saw Ayla's ear twitch, and leapt about 8 inches through the air, pawed Ayla's ear for half a second, then fell into my lap. Ayla retaliated by licking her. I think that Crystal would actually prefer to be bitten - loving her is a much better form of retaliation.

As I promised, here are some pictures of Crystal. You tell me if she looks evil or not.


Bernie said...

Oh my god. Are you supposed to laugh at an "evil" cat.

Congrats on the new addition!

Paula said...

The second photo of this cat reminds me of my first boyfriend.
Anyways, I don't see an evil cat. I see a scared little cat who is using the "evil" persona as a defense mechanism. Her only protection is to possess a hardened heart.
Her defenses are highly ingrained. It may take several years to undo these defense mechanisms.

Daxohol said...

BAH! I love! Yay!