Monday, October 03, 2005

A Visit from Peeves

In life, there are small things that annoy us. These things tend to be referred to as "Pet Peeves". They really are like pets, because they are small, insignificant things that we tend to take in, nurture, and cling to. I would like to list some of my pet peeves here, in no particular order.

PEOPLE WHO INVENT WORDS. In my job, I am constantly recommending restaurants, hotels, Broadway musicals, etc. I read many reviews, and am constantly exposed to fake words. Examples? Well, how about "foodie" to describe someone who likes food? Or "luxe", when what they mean to say is "deluxe".

A note to the writers who use these words: Lets face facts, you imbecile. The English language is large enough and complex enough to express any thought your anencephalic cranium may be capable of generating. There is absolutely no need - none whatsoever - for you to invent new words. Doing so is at best lazy, and at worst, evidence of imbecility.

GRAFFITI. Why is it that only mouth-breathing, chromosome-lacking fuckwits engage in the act of bathroom graffiti? Every time I read graffiti in the can, its always inane statements such as "Fuck you", "James is a Fag" or - in the case of where I work - "Poop". Yes, seriously. Someone wrote the word "poop" on the wall in the bathroom.

Come on, you freaking trolls. If this is all you have to say, then leave the Sharpie at home, ok? Why is it that I never read any intelligent and witty graffiti? And no, "Here I sit, broken hearted, paid a dime and only farted" is not witty. Especially when its not a pay toilet. Fuck.

I guess that intelligent and witty people can come up with better mediums in which to share their thoughts and ideas. I suppose that, if the medium is the message, then in this case, I suppose that the words written on the wall of a shitter are indeed in their proper place.

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