Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bullshit or Not?

Ok, I recently sent a message to an incredibly beautiful woman on a dating site (yes, I am on a dating site. Fuck you. No, fuck you!). Here is the message, verbatim. Please read carefully.

First off, let me say Don't worry, this is not a "hitting on you" kind of email. There's way too big an age difference between us for that. But I just wanted to tell you that I think that you are very beautiful. the picture of you with the baseball hat is incredible, and captures a wonderful essence that goes beyond your physical beauty.

I am honestly not saying that to hit on you. Of course, I know by saying that that I look like the kind of guy who says "Hey, I'm not hitting on you" and then hits on you. But I'm not that guy. Honestly.

For real.

Ok, no matter how much I say I'm not that guy, the more I look like that guy.

But I'm not.

Ok. *ahem* Well, time for me to hit the old dusty trail ...

So now, here's my question to you. Was I hitting on her, or not. Please vote by leaving a comment reading "True" or "Bullshit" at the top of the message. Tune in at a later date to vote on the question "Is Ash doing this just to get more comments or not?"


BStrong said...

You were hitting on her. Somewhere deep inside, you were hoping your comments would find its way into her heart and she would respond kindly and ask for a date. Go get'em tiger:)

Benie said...

You know the old "doth protest too much"? There's a certain amount of truth in it, even if subconciously. There is a part of you that's bothered by the age difference, but not enough to actually say no to her if she responds to your email.

Anonymous said...

TRUE ~ you were hitting on her.

Paula said...

TRUE - hitting on her.
What's the date site?

kate.d. said...

i feel like the original intent was for us to guess whether your message to the woman was true or bullshit, in which case i'd say bullshit. however, the comment thread has spoken - so therefore i as well will say


(and if i'm wrong about the original intent, feel free to publicly humilate my poor powers of perception)

Asher Hunter said...

Well, I did actually send the message, and I guess the True's are right. :)

Rach said...

Did she respond?

And I am often curious why there are these amazingly gorgeous women on dating sites. Even the ones with lame personalities but hot bods get guys...

Kim Ayres said...

A bit late to this debate, but I agree with everyone else. You were hitting on her. There was some part of you hoping she might say "too old? Of course not. I've always been attracted to older men who know their mind and how to please a woman rather than immature jerks... etc"

Daxohol said...

YAY! You used "the old dusty trail!" YES YES YES! If that were me, (and I was single) I'd blow ya just for that alone.

Hitting on 'er. true.