Monday, November 21, 2005

Two in the Bush

Hey, you know what would be fun? Four more fucking years of George W. Bush. Heck, why stop at a third term? Why not allow Mr. Bush to be president for, say (just off the top of my head) forever? After all, there are all kind of naughty little countries out there that are just begging to have false charges leveled against them so that the US can declare war and take over.

Well, if Senators Hoyer, Berman, Sensenbrenner, Sabo and Pallone have their way, that's not just a scary little bed-time scenario. They are currently petitioning to have the 22nd Amendment repealed. You remember Amendment 22, don't you? That's that silly little constitutional rewrite that makes it illegal for anyone to serve more than 2 terms as president. You know, to prevent the possibility of someone like, taking over the entire country forever, and turning it into some kind of crazy theocratic dictatorship. Ha, heh, hey, like that could ever happen, right? Right?

So, anyway, apparently some people are so in love with the sterling work President Bush has done, they want to see him serve at least one more time. And after all, he has done a lot of great work in field testing new weapons, and even some old ones (after all, the US Army hasn't had a chance to use phosphorus bullets in a long, long time).

So, whether you support this maneuver or not, you have to admit, they're keeping it awfully quiet, ain't they? And why is that?


Rach said...

ummmm... whoa.... ya...Bush....well....blood pressure rising... hand fisting... anger forming...

PRan said...

Hold it man. Ur blood preasures on the rise. Whow keep it cool. Those cerebral vessels are not as hary as they use to be!!! ;-)