Thursday, November 24, 2005

Diet: Week Six

STARTING WEIGHT: 281.6 pounds
THIS WEEK’S CHANGE: + 0.4 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOST: 20.2 pounds
CURRENT WEIGHT: 261.4 pounds

Well, I totally fucked up the diet this week. Last week, when I went to my meeting, the lady who weighed me forgot to give me a point-tracker for the next week. I knew I really needed that point tracker, but just couldn't find the time to get back in and grab one.

So, I went way nuts, and ate too much. There are various excuses, but it boils down to the fact that I lacked discipline, and paid the price. Oh well, its nothing that worries me overmuch. I'll just have to be more careful in the future.

I've decided to dust off my old Palm Pilot and use it to track points. I'm also going to program a points convert (where you can enter in the fat/fibre/calories of an item and figure out the points value). I searched online for one already written, but apparently WW searches these things out and threates to sue anyone who makes one available for download. What twats.

As far as the apartment is concerned, I have signed the lease, and I move in on December 2. I had some good news in the couch department: my sister has decided to buy a new couch, and is giving me her old one. This is a third-time switch, as my mother gave that couch to my sister years ago. I love this freaking couch, it is incredibly comfortable!

I surprised myself the other night. Apparently, I am suppressing and carrying around much more anger than I had imagined. I was at home, and I was walking past a table that was piled high with junk I needed to sort. Without even stopping to think about it, I grabbed the table and threw it across the room. It surprised me a bit, to be honest.

The lack of privacy where I am now is really getting to me. I like my job, but it can be nerve-wracking and annoying on the best of days. In order for me to be able to deal with this, I need alone time - a time for me to just sit, calm down, and not have to deal with people. I can't get that where I am now, as there is always someone around. I NEED my privacy, more than some people seem to be able to understand.


Anonymous said...

Happy moving!!

Rach said...

8 sleeps till your new home!
Hang in there!

I am totally with you on the privacy thing, I need Rachel time. Sometimes I even close my bedroom door from the dogs.