Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pick Shurs

I've decided to share some of the photos I have taken over the years (God loves a digital camera!), so I'm starting from my earliest photos. These are a few of the pics I took when I went on holiday in 2001. We went to a place called Whitefish Falls, which is in Northern Ontario, between Sudbury and Manitoulin Island.

In order to be allowed to keep our dogs in the cabin, the poor bitches had to be caged. They didn't mind too much, because they were at the foot of our bed, and they did like sleeping together.

This is Foxy, my dog. Foxy was technically Heather's dog (my ex), but of course I love her just as much as I do Ayla. She is an amazing dog that we rescued from destruction. She's very beautiful, and I do miss her.

Our cabin was located on an island, away from the other cabins. There were only 2 cabins on the island, so there was great privacy. Technically there were 3 cabins, but the third was rotting and falling apart, so no one would stay there.

Here's Ayla, sitting at the end of the dock. That dog loves water so much, its unbelievable. I think she spent about 50% of her time outside in the water.

Here she is again in one of my favourite photos of her. She looks intelligent and intense, because I'm holding a stick up with my right hand, and taking the photo with my left. Ayla loves three things: Me, the water, and playing fetch. She was about 3 years old at this time, and could play fetch for 2-3 hours straight without tiring.

This is the cabin we were staying in. It had 3 bedrooms and a kitchen, but unfortunately no living/relaxing area. When booking, it never occurred to me to make sure the cabin had a living room, but apparently, you can't take anything for granted.

Here we see Ayla leaping from the dock to go after a stick. That dog could easily clear 20 feet of air, I swear.

Kelly (my sister) and her husband Dave resting on the rocks. Our front yard consisted of these windswept rocks, with no soft ground at all. However, the rocks were smooth and moulded, and extremely comfortable. They also grew quite warm in the sun, and were great to rest on.

Me and Ayla.

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Bernie said...

Fantastic pictures. I miss Foxy too. And I miss Ayla.