Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Ok, so this definitely goes into the "I know this sounds made up, but it happened" category. One of my coworkers (for sake of her privacy, lets call her Daisy) was transfering a call for one of our clients, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Koontz. Now, for me, the first image called to mind by the name "Koontz" is a picture of the famed horror author. Apparently, this is not the first image that came to Daisy's mind.

When speaking to the new department (Mr. Koontz could not hear her at this point), Daisy said "his name is Mr. Koontz. That's 'Koontz', not that other word you might be thinking off". Now this caused me to chortle, because even to insinuate the "other name" I felt was a bit much.

She brought the client onto the line, then said "Thank you for holding Mr. Cunts". I kid you fucking not. Of course, everyone around her breaks up laughing, which causes her to laugh too. So from the client's point of view, Daisy called him a cunt and then laughed at him.

So the laughter rained down upon her as she tried to hide her embarrassment. Finally, when the room quieted down, I uttered, in a very stern and stentorian voice "Now, what have you learned?".

In other news, its only 2 more days before I move, which has got me pretty happy, I must admit. I'm in the process of trying to book Friday off so that I can get everything done during the day, and not have to move in the dark (which always makes me feel like some kind of brain-numbed burglar).


Bernie said...

Oh, my stomach! It hurts from laughing. People are walking by my office and looking at me like I'm an idiot. Of course, that may or may not hve anything to do with the fact that I'm laughing all by myself.
Peter and I are around this weekend (not Friday). If you need a hand with the moving (or hanging pictures, or making your stove work as a nuclear reactor) give us a call.

Anonymous said...

Ash I might be on mat leave but I have been continuing to read your adventures. Can I just say that this being the day I am supposed to be there working with you I am sorry I am missing it!!!
Tell "Daisy" I said hi, and I hope that the rest of her calls go better today...lol.

Jim Donahue said...

I used to work at a publishing house that had a consulting editor named Congdon. The young woman from HR who sometimes manned the reception desk consistently called him Mr. Condom. She was completely oblivious to this, and it wasn't a joke on her part.

She'd call me and say, "Mr. Condom is here to see you." And I'd reply, "Oh, Mr. Congdon is here, is he?" And she'd say, "Yes, that's right, Mr. Condom is here."

I didn't have the heart to correct her. Plus, I always got a laugh out of it.

Mike Hunt said...

I don't get it...