Thursday, November 10, 2005

House Hunting

So I find myself sitting back and ruminating (as in thinking, rather than cud chewing) about my life, and wondering how I got so lucky. Lately, things have been just going my way - at work, I received a raise, I got a great bonus, and (totally to my surprise) I now have a new schedule, and get weekends off.

In my personal life, things are also going well. Theatre Nefarious is taking of slowly, but surely. The screenplay I am writing with Craig is going beautifully, and I am learning a great deal from him. My novel is also going swimmingly, and I've so far produced just over 25,000 words.

To top things off, I may have found my perfect apartment. It was my intention on Tuesday to start driving around at random in various neighbourhoods, looking for those great, unadvertised properties that you sometimes find in a duplex or triplex. On Monday night, I was giving a friend a ride home when he told me that there were units available in the triplex he lives in.

I checked the first apartment out, and while it was a tad small and a bit odd (bathroom right of the living room, for example), it was certainly reasonably priced. We checked out the basement storage area, and Ron (my friend) told me there was an apartment in the back. I couldn't imagine wanting to live in a grotty basement, but he told me to reserve judgement until I had viewed the apartment.

He was right. The place is great - larger than the other, with a nicer layout. It's a bi-level, with the basement in the living room and the rest of the property on the first floor. Best thing is, the living room looks like the Brady's rec room - like something straight out of the 70's, including cheesy built-in bar. I fell in love.

Tonight, I will find out if the place is mine. I'm teaching a class first, and then heading straight over to talk to the landlord. If he likes me, and is willing to negotiate the price, I just might up end up with a new place to live.

Of course, there is also the adage warning agains counting chickens before they hatch, so I'm not getting my hopes up too high.


Laura said...

Just over 25,000 words in...18 days. I can't help thinking you could do NaNoWriMo if you wanted to.

I'm really glad so many things are going so well for you. I'll be watching for news on the apartment.

Asher Hunter said...

Funny thing is, I found this site myself about 3 days after starting my novel, but too late to join. I wouldn't want to though, because I hate and despise feeling pressured. I like writing when I want to, and not writing when I don't want to.

laura said...

I understand what you mean about feeling pressured. It can help me get things done, and sometimes is even necessary to that, but none of that means I have to like it. The way I tend to contemplate NaNoWriMo is as a writing exercise, but one that I think wouldn't work well for me.

Melanie said...

Woo Hoo ASH!!
Im keeping all my bits crossed for you (in return for all the times you crossed bits for me...LOL)
I hope it works out!


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