Saturday, November 05, 2005

Football Follies

For the first time in my life, I have attended a CFL football game - Hamilton Ti-Cats vs. some teame from Montreal. It was a great game, and Hamilton won (which was great, as its my home town), and a fantastic way to break my football cherry (a process which, thankfully, does not involve my anus and a football).

I attended the game with some improv friends, which naturally means I'm going to have a great time (apart from myself, there were Bernie and Bear, Gary and Laura, and Cory). Going anywhere with a group of improvisers is like traveling with a pack of drunken monkeys. With cell phones. We all won free tickets from a bar we do karaoke at (Matt's Sports Cafe on Upper James in Hamilton), and went together on the big yellow bus.

The evening started off at Matt's for a few pre-game drinks, then it was on to the bus for a few pre-game drinks. We stopped off the beer store for a few pre-game drinks, and it was at this point that I christened Wally (the owner/operator of Matts) as the Beer Fairy.

We arrived at Ivor Wynne Stadium, and found our seats with little difficulty. It was glorious weather, 15 degrees Celsius (about 60 Fahrenheit for those still clinging to an outdated and illogical temperature measuring system --- oooh, burn), and I found myself feeling perfectly comfortable in my fleece hoody (in spite of my sworn resolution to never use the word "hoody", I was just too lazy to type out "fleece sweater with a hood") and gloves.

At the game, the Beer Fairy handed out - much to our surprise - free martinis, and thus was re-christened the Liquour Fairy (a name which, yes, has other connotations, but still was deserved). The Liquour Fairy even handed out olives with his martini's. You know, its the little touches that make for a special occasion.

There's a number of fun things you can do at a football game that you can't do at, say, Starbucks. One of them is yelling out 'MONTREAL SUCKS' at the top of your lungs, which is something I did several times. Not that I have anything against Montreal, mind you, but rather just because its fun to scream and yell.

At the game, we met Pigskin Pete. He's an elderly, somewhat rotund gentleman (who, now that I think of it, is shaped like a football) dressed in Ti-Cat colours (Yellow and Black) and wearing a bowler hat. Everyone cheered for him, and he lead our section in a rousing cheer: "Oskee-wee-wee" (which, I believe, is Ancient Hamiltonian for "I've drunk too much beer and have to piss".

I had just as much fun cheering for Pete as the rest of the crowd. After he left, I asked Gary (the resident football expert) just who Pigskin Pete was. I assumed he was a radio announcer, or a player from the old days, or some such. Turns out, he's just some guy that's been coming to like every game since 1951 or some such. Something tells me that, if he was ever married, he has long since been divorced.

After the game, it was back on the bus and heading off for home. We sang some songs, had some laughs, and gave the finger to cars behind us. We decided as a group that mooning was not a good idea at the time.

Back home, we headed over to Gary and Laura's for a post-game relaxing sing-a-long and general chat session. It was a pretty quiet gathering, very relaxed. Luckily, I didn't stay up too late, so I wasn't dead tired today.

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Laura said...

(in spite of my sworn resolution to never use the word "hoody", I was just too lazy to type out "fleece sweater with a hood")


That laugh is the highlight of my day so far. You get a cookie.